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  Pitcairn Island

An open world game featuring hacking, cryptography and a thrilling story.

Cayden aka Cay was good at hacking at all things software and hardware. But he was bored with himself and school. On a whim, he decided to apply to the CIA. The CIA didn't hesitate to hire Cay.

Cay was excited to be in the CIA. The next day, at 3am, he boarded a flight on dusty and rather worn military transport which was suppose to take him to The Farm -- CIA's famous training base in Virginia. Mid-flight, Cay was pushed out of the plane with nothing more than self opening parachute on his back, into the darkness of the night.

Cay landed just outside of an unknown town. Cay didn't know if this was where he was supposed to be. Was this part of the training or something else? Cay was about to find out.

This game is currently in prototype stage. Look for more details in Q4 2023!